The Surprise

In February 2000, in an atmosphere of general paranoia about the internet - both on the side of those who know nothing about it and those who live by it - I was contacted by Newsweek for a background interview about the infamous DoS attack. Here's what became of our long phone conversation.
    (Yes, I did think about checking whether it was perhaps really the FBI calling, and no, I was not involved with whoever launched the UCSB computers used in the attack, nor do I have a clue who did - but I found out online how to do it: see Brian Martin's explanation "Have Script, Will Destroy" on
    After you read the two preceding emails, just burst the bubble below to read my one line that made it into print, or read the whole story locally: Holes in the Net - What to Worry About Next, by Jared Sandberg with Thomas Hayden, Newsweek CXXXV-8, February 21st, 2000 (pages 47-49).
    Or see the whole thing on the Newsweek site.