Medium Cool

South Atlantic Quarterly 101:3 (2002)

With Andrew McNamara, I co-edited a special issue of the South Atlantic Quarterly, devoted to contemporary cultural theory and critical media studies.


  • McNamara, Andrew; Krapp, Peter: Introduction
  • Weber, Samuel M.: War, Terrorism, and Spectacle: On Towers and Caves
  • Broadfoot, Keith: Abstraction and Aura
  • McNamara, Andrew: Apprehension? Performativity and Medium-Specificity in Modern Art
  • Butler, Rex: "Bright Shadows": Art, Aboriginality, and Aura
  • Liu, Catherine: Getting to the Photo Finish: Photography, Autobiography, Modernity
  • Hawker, Rosemary: The Idiom in Photography As the Truth in Painting
  • Ross, Toni: Art in the "Post-Medium" Era: Aesthetics and Conceptualism in the Art of Jeff Wall
  • Trahair, Lisa: The Ghost in the Machine: The Comedy of Technology in the Cinema of Buster Keaton
  • Krapp, Peter: Unforgiven - Fausse Reconnaissance
  • Stanitzek, Georg: Fama/Chain of Muses: Two Classical Problems of Literary Studies with "the Media"
  • Ernst, Wolfgang: Between Real Time and Memory on Demand: Reflections on/of Television
  • Crogan, Patrick: Blade Runners: Speculations on Narrative and Interactivity
  • Tholen, Georg Christoph: Media Metaphorology: Irritations in the Epistemic Field of Media Studies
  • Macarthur, John: The Image As an Architectural Material
  • Wortham, Simon; Hall, Gary: Responding: A Discussion with Samuel Weber

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Nam June Paik (Korea/United States, b. 1932), TV Cello (2000), DVDs, video monitors, perspex, wooden cello neck with colored plastic strings and wooden tailpiece, marble base (232.2 cm x 75 cm x 55 cm overall). Kenneth and Yusko Myer collection of Contemporary Asian Art. Purchased 2002 with funds from the Myer Foundation, a project of the Sidney Myer Centenary Celebration 1899-1999, through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation. Reproduced with permission from the collection of the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.

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